what kind of wood is good for outdoor fence

What Makes A Cedar Fence The Best Type of Wood Fence

What Makes A Cedar Fence The Best Type of Wood Fence February 15, 2015 ~ Posted By Kathy Crum One of my favorite questions I get to answer when I talk to a client or run into someone who has that confused look while shopping for wood at a big box store is what type of wood is the best when it comes to wood fences.

Good, Better, and Best Woods For Outdoor Furniture

Wood Types: Northern White and Western Red Cedars Both of these woods are native to North America and are traditionally used for boat building, house siding and furniture. They’re valued for their combination of lightweight, interesting grain pattern and extreme durability in outdoor conditions.

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If you do not have a local fence company who will sell you materials, you should be able to buy 1 x 6 clear grade western red cedar at a decent lumber yard, and easily cut the "dog ears" with a circular saw or miter saw. If you are matching to an existing fence, cedar is most likely what you have.


Pressure treated wood (PT) pine is the most popular residential fence choice in outdoor structures (decks, porches, and all types of residential fences, for example). However, PTP can warp, shrink, and crack.

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Wood fencing comes in a wide range of qualities, colors, sizes, and types. Before you buy, spend a little time getting to know what's currently available. You'll get the most value for your money.

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Some types of wood fencing are available as components. Preassembled panel fences can be easier to assemble but may not be able to follow the landscape like a component fence. You can rack some adjustable panels, but you have to stair-step others to accommodate slopes. Metal, vinyl and some wood fences are available as panels.

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Popular Types of Wood The most popular woods used for fencing are pine and cedar, though cypress and redwood are also good options. Pine wood is common because of its relatively inexpensive cost and longevity.

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Choosing Durable Wood for a Garden Bench and Outdoor Furniture By: Stan Horst ... While cypress is a good choice for outdoor furniture, it may be a little difficult to find due to the scarcity of mature trees. ... or at (800) 946-4420. While we can't answer them all, we may use your question on our Today's Homeowner radio or TV show, or online ...

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Unlike other types of paint, an acrylic latex is flexible enough to expand and contract during temperature changes and exposure to direct sunlight. By contrast, an oil-based paint is likely to crack and peel after a few seasons of outdoor weather, robbing the fence of the paint's protection.

what kind of wood is good for outdoor fence

Wood fences may require occasional staining or sealing and can warp and rot over time If cost is an issue, mix different types of fences For warmer, damper climates, vinyl is your best material choice, as wood is susceptible to water damage Ensure that one of these is large enough to accommodate bulky outdoor

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Although wood fence is a great option for homeowners there are a few disadvantages to this type of fencing material: Most fence companies offer very short warranties on most wood fence materials & installs (vinyl fence is often offered with a limited lifetime warranty).

what kind of wood is good for outdoor fence

Adding a wood fence to your landscaping scheme can transform your outdoor living space and enhance the style of your home Whatever your wood fencing idea is, there s a good chance that there is a product on the market to fit both your needs and your tastes, as well Many wood fence options are available, and there

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Gardening & Outdoor / Fences / Wood Fences × What Type of Screws to Use on a Wood Fence What Type of Screws to Use on a Wood Fence. Aside from security, wood fences add to an estate’s beauty and value. When deciding to use screws in building wood fences, it is important to have basic knowledge of the type of screws that are appropriate for ...

What Kind of Lumber Do I Need for Wood Fencing?

If you have decided to build a wooden fence for yourself, one of the first questions you may be asking yourself is, What kind of lumber do I need for wood fencing?

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Select and construction grade woods are less expensive and of good quality for fence building; however, one side of the lumber may have slight imperfections. Pine, Fir or Spruce Pine, fir and spruce are common choices for wood fences because of their affordability and durability.