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Mistake 9: Incorrectly attaching guardrail posts. The error: Insufficiently connecting a guardrail post to a deck is among the most dangerous deck-building errors. Fastening guardrails to deck rim joists or floor joists with wood screws is not acceptable.

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Hello, I am in the process of remodeling my stairwell. I need to replace my newel posts. One of which I need to anchor into a concrete slab.

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I connect newel posts on old houses in a similar manner but I cut a notch in them and bolt them to the front of the bottom riser with lots of blocking behind the riser for strength. If old houses had newels and balustardes on the stairs they went to the bottom of the steps.

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Additionally, you can also secure the newel post to the floor in some fashion such as the hardware ronbergley linked to. HOWEVER, the weakest and cheapest of attachment methods is to secure the newel post solely to the floor.

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Describes several ways of installing a floor level newel post including the use of a mounting plate, angle bracket, hanger bolt and keylock. Different methods of installing newel posts, and fastening newel posts to the floor or concrete.

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A newel post can be mounted directly to the wooden stairs by securing it with nails to the side of the stair boards without having to mount it to the concrete. However, this is only applicable if the stair design permits it.

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The old newel post was really floppy as it was screwed only to the very short end of the knee wall which was only attached with a couple of Ramset nails to the concrete slab. I puled the drywall and re-braced the knee wall with some diagonals attached with 3 inch screws and few more Ramset nails in to the slab.

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Thank you. Looks easy enough. I just didn't know what sort of hardware there was for the job. Your answers led me to the solution for another customer's stair problem, as well (best way to re-attach banister that somebody removed when refinishing this customer's floors).

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Re: Best Way To Attach A Newel Post A "J anchor kit" is stronger than any of the hardware pictured above. But since you asked about setting one at the foot of stairs, I recommend half notching the newel into the front of the riser.

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I'm planning on using either two or four hole mounting plates with escutcheons for the newel posts. I'm afraid of using any kind of expanding anchor as it will likely split the stone, If not immediately, probably later from water getting in and freezing. ... I would core drill the stone/slab and quick-crete them in. I had to do this on an ...

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Does this 2"x4" laying flat at the bottom offer a big advantage because the newel can be anchored to it (hence indirectly anchored to the concrete) This design concerns me because of moisture below this 2"x4" (I suppose it could be shimmed off the slab).

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I'm not crazy about bolting a newel down to a concrete floor, but if you have to or Mr. Green insist on it, well times are tight. I would do it as Handy mentioned, and epoxy a Shure-Tite in and put a layer of icky-poo ( construction adhev. ) on bottom of newel, to minimize moisture absorbtion.

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Click Link To Buy Visit my website for more how-to tips and videos. How-to secure a hand railing newel ...

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What would be the best way to attach the posts to the slab? I think I remember seeing a product that you pour into concrete after drilling a hole in it, when it dries you can drive regular hardware into it.

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The Super UT Newel Fastener is designed for the stair builders that require powerful anchoring of the newel post to the ground or floor and using the Zipbolt...

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When that is done, put a fresh nozzle on your Simpson gun and put epoxy into the slab holes, and set the posts. Quickly brace them plumb. While the epoxy is soft, smear the excess away from the bases with a gloved finger, and carefully remove the masking while things are still squishy.

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Newel posts are dynamically linked to stair systems, both aesthetically and structurally, which is why stringer and post installation must be planned carefully and concurrently. There are several code requirements to consider for posts and stringers.