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Tile Grip Anti Slip Floors

TILE GRIP is a one step process. It does not discolor the tile. There is little to no odor. TILE GRIP is not painted on like some abrasive products. Breathing equipment is not required when applying; TILE GRIP can be applied by anyone 18 It is economical and competitively priced.

Slip Tech - Out Performs ALL Non-Slip Competitors Hands Down

SLIP TECH is the industry leader in non slip and anti slip treatment and slip-resistant floor products. Our non slip floor treatment is also extremely effective on porcelain surfaces such as bath tubs and shower floors.

Anti slip - Floor Treatments

No Skidding Industrial Anti Slip Treatment is recommended for use in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, fast food chains, food processing and industrial plants, swimming pool decks, shopping malls, department stores, food markets, senior care, schools, health clubs, nursing homes, rail & subway stations, airport terminals, residences, and any hard tile surface where slip accidents may occur due to slippery-when-wet conditions on the above mentioned unsealed surfaces.

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Tile and Stone Non Slip Products Unsealed, natural tile and stone can easily be treated to create non slip floor tiles. Our Safety Floor Treatments are engineered to do this without altering the look or color of the tile or grout.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment - Porcelain

No Skidding Anti-Slip Porcelain Treatment creates an "Invisible Tread" on porcelain tile floors that significantly increases the safety and slip resistance of the tile and reduces the problem of dangerous when wet surfaces.

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By having anti slip floor treatment, the chances of falling and slip are reduced. Some floor gets slippery and can cause the accident when they get wet. The replace of floor is not an option, the anti slip floor treatment can reduce the chances of falling and it can make the time and cost save.

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Anti Slip is a specially formulated liquid safety product applied by our fully trained and experienced application team. Perfect for ceramic and quarry tiles, porcelain, terracotta, pavers, concrete, enamel baths & shower bases (all wet areas)

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Our non-slip bathtub mats and shower mats, anti-slip vinyl strips and anti-slip tub and tile treatments are used by hotels, senior care and residences to help minimize the danger of slip injuries in bathrooms, bath tubs and showers by increasing the slip-resistance on wet porcelain tubs, acrylic tubs and tiled shower floors and bathroom floors.

No Skidding Porcelain Anti-Slip Treatment, 80378

Clear Anti-Slip Protection for porcelain tile and delicate surfaces Easy-to-use, economical and proven anti-slip treatment that addresses the problem caused by slippery-when-wet porcelain tile floors. Creates an invisible tread on porcelain and other delicate tile surfaces that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction and reduces the problem caused by slippery-when-wet...

Anti slip - Floor Treatments

Easy-to-use, economical and proven anti slip treatment that addresses the problem caused by slippery-when-wet tile floors and enamel or porcelain bathtubs.

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