how to make a curved wood deck

Curved Railing Pictures and Building Instructions

Make a Curved Railing Building Plan Wood Railing makes curved railing systems that are easy to install . Like any good building project, it starts with a set of plans.

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To make the curved blocking that would support the plywood band joist, we used the offcuts and cut them to fit between the joists, flush to the top. After nailing the blocking, we redrew the arc and cut to the line with a circular saw (photo below left).

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The wood’s natural properties make it a fantastic choice for decks as it is rot resistant. The second reason being that mahogany’s colour is rich and the wood stains very well. This helps really bring out the elegance and luxury factor when you are building a curved deck.

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Curved stairs add interest to a deck, solve design issues, differentiate your work, and wow clients. They can also be a profitable upsell, and they’re not that hard to build; after you’ve done one or two, the process becomes ingrained and goes quickly.

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If you are building a deck, you might run into some architectural challenges.A right-angled deck is one thing, challenging enough to get right, but a curved deck adds quite a bit to the challenge. In this example, a redwood deck is being built up next to some existing curved concrete steps. This requires that the wood be curved to match.

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Klassic Decks in Brunswick, OH offers custom built deck solutions and can do the project for you if you desire. In a nutshell, a curved or round deck is an art piece that accents your outdoor area. In a nutshell, a curved or round deck is an art piece that accents your outdoor area.

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When you build forms, make sure you will be able to remove them later. Building inspectors rarely allow wood forms to be left in the ground, nor would you want to. Consider coating the inside of the forms with form oil. This will make them easier to remove once the concrete has set.

Bending Pressure-Treated Wood

On a moderate bend as used on the edge of a curved deck moisture content is not critical. The wetter wood will take longer to stabilize, but sometimes this can be done in its permanent position fastened to the joists, etc. On more severe bends hydraulic pressure does have an affect. It can work for you or against you depending on the situation.

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Instead of a square or a rectangle, here's how to build a deck with curves.

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At the edge of the deck, where your curve will be, mark the center of the curve’s width. From this center mark, measure back half the width of the curved area onto the center joist, perpendicular to the edge to be curved. For example, for a 36 inch curve, from the middle of the edge to be curved, measure back, perpendicular to that edge, 18 inches.

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The best way to accommodate a curved rim joist is to cantilever the deck joists over their support beams and trim the joists to length in place. To prevent the curved portion of the deck from feeling like a trampoline, I follow our local building code (typically a cantilever is limited to one-fourth of the joist span).

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Thin fascia boards work well to trim the deck framing and wrap wood posts, but this premium product comes with a higher price tag as well. Cedar is also a good choice for curved decks, and costs only a little more than treated lumber. Curved deck designs provide an upscale finish in your outdoor living space.

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The curved wall that I build actually becomes the form for my inside stringer. The steps in my curved wall give me the location to cut the stinger for each step. The bottom plate of my curved wall is actually a series of wedge shaped pieces of 2×4 that fit between the studs at the front edge of each step.