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The polymeric composition of most synthetic shingles and shakes generally includes advanced UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. Some products incorporate ingredients such as recycled rubber or plastic, mineral dust, or cellulose fibers, while others use virgin rubber and plastic. ... Wellington Polymer Technology. Utilizing a composite of post ...

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Composite shingle roofing is a synthetic product. The manufacturing process uses a variety of chemical approaches in producing simulated cedar shakes and shingles nearly indistinguishable from what nature’s forests supplies. Composite roofing shingles are also called synthetic shakes and shingles, or faux wood.

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Tamko Roofing Products. Lamarite Slate shingles are made from a mineral-filled polymer and are molded to exhibit the textures and contours of natural slate, according to the manufacturer. The Class A fire rated, Class 4 impact resistant shingles come in four colors.

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The DaVinci Fancy Shake is a line of polymer shake roof tiles that provide a refined re-sawn cedar shingle appearance. The DaVinci Cedar Shakes are beautiful and long-lasting composite shake shingles available in Single-Width and Multi-Width varieties.

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Composite shingles are very similar to asphalt shingles in construction and sometimes use a layer of asphalt integrated into them. They are usually made of a synthetic polymer, custom-formulated for the task, giving them optimal weather-resistant properties and weight.

Composite Cedar Shake has Become a Solid Choice

DaVinci has created a line of polymer based composite cedar shake tiles that offer all of the natural, rustic beauty of real cedar shingles but without any of the natural drawbacks of real wood. Through a state-of-the-art polymer chemistry, DaVinci has developed a shake shingle that offers a durability never before seen in a wood shingle.

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CertainTeed’s Symphony Composite Slate Roofing Another manufacturer, CertainTeed, offers a luxury line of composites under the brand name Symphony. Made of polypropylene and calcium carbonate, CertainTeed’s well-regarded product is a ‘dead ringer’ for slate.

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CertainTeed manufactures various roofing shingles to replicate the look of natural slate roofing. What are the advantages of asphalt shingle roofing versus natural slate roofing? The authentic depth and dimension of natural slate roofing can now be achieved in asphalt roofing shingles.

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The most realistic and durable composite slate and shake shingles on the market. Talk to Us DaVinci's natural-looking slate and shake polymer roof tiles offer a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty in a variety of styles and colors.

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Polymer-Composite Synthetic slate and shake shingles from DaVinci. Installed by Innovative Construction and Roofing, St. Louis, OKC and Kansas City. [ Contact US ]

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Visually and aesthetically, most polymer roofing products don’t quite compare to the real thing in many cases. Composite slate from some companies comes off looking like some wacky homespun project made by a crazy uncle. Replicating the fibrous texture and tones of cedar shakes is typically a joke.

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Technically, synthetic roofing material is a polymer-based composition, or simply put a mixture of rubber and plastic. It may vary slightly in composition so as to engineer a proprietary blend (allowing for proper branding).

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Cedar Shake Roofing Alternative. When searching for a cedar shake roof alternative, Brava’s synthetic shake roofing tiles should be at the top of your list. Our polymer shingles have all of the true to life natural beauty and rustic split textures of real cedar, combined with the incredible benefits of a composite roofing material.

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Durability of plastic and synthetic polymer roofs and roofing shingles varies greatly. Polypropylene, a highly fragile material found in many types of plastic shingles, has a Tg of only 0 Celcius, and is highly prone to cracking and breakage during the winter.

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Thanks to modern technology, there are now synthetic slate roofing options that look identical to the real stone, but cost at least 50-60% less. This means you can install a high quality composite slate roof for about $15,000 on a simple 1,500 sq.ft. ranch or cape style home.

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Brava Old World Slate is the best composite slate roof tile backed by a 50-year limited warranty. Our synthetic slate roofing shingles come in all colors! ... Brava Old World Slate polymer roofing has passed the stringent testing required for premium roofing products, earning a Class 4 impact rating and Class A and Class C fire rating. ...

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Inspire composite shake roofing mimics natural Cedar wood split shake roofing. Unlike natural wood shake, Inspire roofing shake will not bend, warp, split, dry out, be a fire hazard, or blow off! Natural split wood shakes are tapered in thickness and manufactured from western red cedar, cypress, pine and redwood trees.