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Flooring 101 Home Laminate Flooring Tips Laminate AC Ratings. Search . ... A similar but separate Taber Test is also used to establish abrasion or wear ratings for hardwood floor finishes. ... The following is a breakdown of the Abrasion Criteria or AC ratings, associated ...

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The AC Rating is a good gauge as to how well a laminate flooring product will perform in your residential or commercial setting, so it's a good idea when you're browsing through laminate floor options to know what the AC Rating for each is.

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AC rating is a 1-6 rating that indicates a laminate floor’s durability. The rating is performed by an independent company, and all reputable manufacturers use this rating for their laminate floors. AC stands for abrasion coefficient, but the testing includes many different tests that represent everyday wear.

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An explanation of what AC ratings mean, the level of wear associated with each rating, and tips on AC rating considerations to make when buying laminate floors.

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Laminate Floor AC Ratings Why AC Ratings? An important step in choosing a laminate floor is determining the level of durability you required for your project. The AC (Abrasion Class) is a certified rating system to gauge how well the flooring will hold up under different conditions. How are AC ratings determined? An i

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What is Grade AC or, AC Hardness rating for laminate flooring? Find out what it means and see a video of an AC hardness test for laminate flooring.

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Call 1-888-522-5456. How durable is your laminate flooring? Learn about the AC rating system, abrasion resistance, and how all this applies to your flooring selection.

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The AC rating for laminate flooring was created by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF ). The abrasion rating system is a guidance tool that demonstrates the uses of each laminate such as durability.

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Luckily, the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) developed the Abrasion Rating System to give us a way of determining durability and recommended usage level of different laminate floors. The common term used to denote the durability level of laminate flooring is the Abrasion Criteria or “AC” rating.

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The common term used to denote the durability level of laminate flooring is its Abrasion Criteria or "AC" rating. AC ratings are an abbreviated representation of a laminate's overlay film resistance to abrasion, impact, stains and cigarette burns.

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You are here: Home About Laminate Laminate Flooring AC Ratings The AC rating is a guide for laminate flooring to determine special properties and the durability factors. Keep in mind the higher the rating the more expensive the product will be.

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All laminate flooring has a wear rating denoted by an AC, "Abrasion Class," followed by a number. There are five AC ratings for laminate floors, ranging from AC1 for low-traffic areas to AC5 ...

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Why Laminate AC Ratings Matter. When buying or specifying commercial laminate flooring it is vital to understand the product’s suitability for its intended application or usage class. The internationally accepted classification of laminate flooring durability is the Abrasion Criteria or ‘AC’ rating.