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Fiberglass window boxes for example, are rot proof but may not hold the weight of wet soil. How to Build a Window Box Planter : How-To : DIY Network Follow this DIY Network woodworking guide to build a window box planter that will enhance your home's exterior.

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Alternatives to Wood for Window Boxes , Home Guides , SF Gate,Extruded fiberglass window boxes are strong, rot proof and available in a , How to Construct a Cedar Window Box How Do I Build a Simple Window Planter?

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If you want to make a traditional wood window box, you should use redwood or cedar. I would be sure to treat the wood on all sides and edges with multiple coats of a water repellant to help the natural rot-resistant chemicals in the lumber.

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Not only that, but finding a high-quality (i.e. rot-resistant), perfectly sized window box for your small indoor or outdoor space may be a bigger challenge than actually growing the plants. When we first set out to write How to Window Box , we had to decide whether to use store-bought boxes or to make our own.

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My 5 Secrets to Prevent Wood Rot. By Scott Sidler. ... The expense of PVC, fiber cement and other “rot-proof” products aren’t necessary if you build things the time tested right way. ... Fill any remaining gaps with window glazing putty. 4. Use Rot Resistant Wood.

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What Type of Wood is Needed to Build a Planter Box? ... Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), native to the southeastern United States, is a rot-resistant, extremely long-lasting wood. The heartwood of this tree is reddish-brown and gets its durability from its high density. Because of its high ability to resist rot, black locust has commonly ...

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Fiberglass window boxes for example, are rot proof but may not hold the weight of wet soil. ... Window Box Style. ... If you plan to build the window boxes yourself and you plan to use plastic container inserts, you might want to buy the inserts first and design your window boxes large enough for the inserts to be slipped in and out easily (to ...

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Pressure-treated pine is also commonly used to build planters, but it has some drawbacks that natural woods do not. Pressure-treated lumber is treated with chemical preservatives to make it rot, insect and weather resistant, but these are not ideal for planters that contain edible plants such as vegetables or herbs.

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Step by step building instructions. Step 1 : Cut and trim side boards and bottom piece. Measuring and cutting window box boards. Making window boxes or Deck railing planters. How to Build a Wooden Window Box for Flowers: Step by step instructions to make a railing planter box ... Consider using the cedar wood for its rot-proof properties that ...

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After the box planter is assembled, cut brackets to support the weight of the planter, dirt and plants and secure to the home’s exterior. This design uses 2-inch thick wood and borrows a design already on the front porch.

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DIY Window Boxes: Build It Yourself for a Perfect Fit. Search. Window Boxes Issue 98 — Hardscape The Easy Way. ... Black is hard to beat for a window box. Because all three of the windows are different lengths, Meredith made custom boxes for a perfect fit. ... Wood will take on water and eventually rot; slow the process by treating the wood ...

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It may even rot faster than the window box if the box is made of treated wood and regularly traps moisture between the back panel and the wood siding. ... Keep Birds off Window Boxes; Build Window ...

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Either way, they mimic the look of painted wood without being a target for rot and mold. They're available at home centers in the same dimensions as traditional lumber. ... Step Five // How to Build a PVC Window Box. Hang the box. Photo by David Prince . ... How to Build a Weather-Resistant Planter. Sponsored Stories. Get the latest This Old ...

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How to Waterproof the Inside of a Wood Planter Box Whether it is in the middle of winter or any other time of the year, indoor planter boxes are always in season. If your planter box is made of wood, Ron offers these three tips that will help make your planter last longer and keep your plants healthier.

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Attach the brace first, then the window box, screwing them in tightly but without damaging the wood. When screwing the window box to the brackets from the bottom of the window box, use screws that are slightly shorter than the thickness of the bottom of the window box.

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Wood takes paint well, so you can tailor the box’s color scheme to complement your house. But ordinary wooden boxes rot out in just a few years, and plastic window boxes won’t rot but don’t look as nice as the traditional wood box. This window box design incorporates the best of both materials. Buy a plastic window box at a home or garden center, then construct a cedar frame around it. Size the frame so the lip of the plastic window box rests on the wood. There’s no need for a bottom.

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Seal the joints and edges of the wood planter box where its various sides meet, and where the walls of the planter meet the bottom of the planter. This keeps water from entering the crevices of the box. Use a polyurethane-based caulk or a silicone-based caulk, applying it according to its manufacturer-specific guidelines.

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Count on this composite PVC material to endure many years without warping, cracking, or rotting. Our signature line of flower boxes includes many styles, so there's one for every home. Hooks ...

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I think you could use heavy duty plastic, like you'd use to line a fishpond. You could use it to cover the top of the roof (prior to setting your boxes on top). And if the roof is sloped to the back, you could run a gutter along the back to catch rain run-off and drainage from the planter boxes and carry it away.