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Mark the length of your rails, top and bottom. For the bottom, make sure there is equal distance on both ends for the posts. For the top railing subtract half an inch on each side for the brackets. Cut the railings to size. Insert the railings together by attaching the spindles. Slide the end caps on. Drill the pilot holes, and attach the flanges.

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Re: Lattice As Railing Lattice is ok for skirting, but not for rails. Up here, it would be considered climbable, even with small holes, so it would not pass code.

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A simple square frame of two-by-fours provides the support for the lattice screen. Cut two-by-fours to the desired length and height of the structure and connect them in a square with 3-inch wood screws. You might prefer to leave a small opening between the top of the railing and the beginning of the lattice.

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For fences, railings, under deck enclosure and privacy screens, lattice gives a homeowner a beautiful, neat looking result for a reasonable cost. Vinyl, combined with injection molding makes a very sturdy and maintenance free product.

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Of A Lattice Top Fence Vinyl Fencing At Vinyl Rail Installation Porch/Deck Post Surface Mount Angle Rail Bracket Installation Product Specifications BUILD TIME - Great Southern Wood features a lattice design perfect for angles meet flat against the posts and top rails.

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Back to Top Vinyl Porch Railings Vinyl porch railings, also called lattice deck railings, are a very good option for those seeking either low maintenance, high durability, or a unique design. Custom vinyl railings can be cut to almost any pattern as long as they meet your local building code specifications.

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Cut notches out of the railing so you can mount two-by-fours from the base where the posts meet the deck up to the top of the extender. Assembling the Frame A simple square frame of two-by-fours provides the support for the lattice screen.

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Sturdy & Elegant Vinyl Railing with T-Rail Top Rail from SVM. If you’re looking for strong porch or deck railing that will last for many years to come, you might be interested in a T-rail top rail system from Southern Vinyl Manufacturing.

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Vinyl lattice is perfect for creating treasured privacy, whether on your front porch, deck, or yard. Lattice privacy fence and decking lattice are very popular, not only because you can choose from standard panels but you can also create intricate designs for both privacy and appeal.

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Nail a stop vertically on each deck post. Staple the lattice to the first pair of nailed stops. Push the second pair of stops snugly against the lattice and nail the stops in place on the post. Nail stops to the top rail. Lay the top rail in place atop the top edge of the lattice and the posts, and screw the top rail to the posts.