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This 10 minute video covers technical details for cavities, structural support and battens, technical details for installing timber cladding, fixing different styles of timber cladding, corner details and British Standards and Building Regulations.


Australian Standard AS 1607. WARNING: Linseed oil, or mixtures containing a large proportion of linseed oil, should never be used as a natural finish on timber cladding, as the oil encourages the growth of mould and fungi which will discolour the ... SUBJECT: TIMBER CLADDING ...

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Puidukoda is a leading timber manufacturer and distributor offering some of the leading functional, aesthetic and safe timber products such as; Standard Timber Cladding, Flooring, Decking,Profiles in the CORE Range.Certified Fire Retardant Timber Cladding f or both internal and external applications to Euro Class B-s1, d0 in the FIRE RETARDANT CLADDING Range tested to EN 13501-1.

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> Brooks Bros timber cladding is available in standard profile patterns and dimensions, is supplied unfinished (for natural weathering) or pre-finished (with a coating or finish to various

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AS 2796 Timber Hardwood sets out details of grade descriptions, machining grade limits and tolerances for external cladding. The standard does not specify profile details or overall dimensions and these will vary between individual manufacturers. Grades for softwood - sawn and milled products are set out in AS 4785.

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The following pages provide technical details and supporting information when using Metsec’s Steel Framing products.. Components & Accessories lists the properties of the Metsec sections and accessories. Project teams can also review suggested wall build-ups for various cladding types, from brickwork to rainscreen cladding under External Finishes. ...


cladding, it is necessary to generalise on the typical features relevant to their use. Generally Tropical Hardwoods are stronger, more robust and more durable than Softwoods and may be a preferable choice if there is a high risk of mechanical damage, frequent wetting etc.

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Timber Library: External Cladding: Types of External Cladding - Vertical Boards For vertical cladding, tongued and grooved boards with limited widths are frequently applied to the timber frame so that moisture movement does not disengage the tongues.


TIMBER FRAME STANDARD DETAILS SEPTEMBER 09 Building 1 Grosvenor Court, Hipley Street ... Masonry Cladding 1.7. Tile hanging off timber frame 1.8. Timber boarding on timber frame 1.9. Render on timber frame ... Details in Section 4. External Walls 4.1. Ground Floor

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General information and considerations for vertical external cladding profiles. ... External Timber Cladding Profiles - Vertical Cladding General Information. ... To allow for more modelling on the timber frame so that you can shape the outer board in a number of different ways.

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Brick veneer was also used as cladding to the lower part of the wall with another cladding above such as weatherboard or stucco (Figures 2 and 3). Figure 2: Junction between weatherboard cladding and brick veneer.

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Detail Drawings. Detail drawings showing precise methods of construction are available in this section. ... Insulated timber cladding for enhanced thermal performance and appearance . M R L S. 01/11/2010. Timber frame: standard details for thermal performance, enhanced design - Volume 1: Mineral wool insulation. M. 01/11/2010.

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Vertical cladding battens with top edge machined at an angle will help shed water into the cavity. Battens need to be made from durable timber e.g. softwood pressure treated for a BSEN335:1 use Class 3 application to give a 30 year desired service life is ideal. Battens are normally spaced at 600mm centres.

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W6 Typical window detail brickwork external leaf. W7 Typical section at window cill brickwork external leaf. W8 Typical section at window head brickwork external leaf. W9 Typical window detail polymer rendered cladding board with ventilated cladding cavity. W10 Standard external finishes.

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Timber Frame Detail Drawings (Includes Jpeg, DXF and DWG [cad] via Download) A selection of detail drawings for timber frame walls, timber frame wall-floor junctions etc.