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Unfurl wallpaper approximately 6” longer in width than the ceiling itself, then cut to size using utility knife or razor blade. Position first roll of paper in place up against paste-covered area of ceiling, repositioning paper until perfectly straight.

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In general, hanging wallpaper over old wallpaper is not a good idea. For information on removing wallpaper, please see the How to Remove Wallpaper section. Take the time to fill in holes and imperfections before putting up your new wallpaper. For heavily textured or damaged walls, hanging a wallpaper liner may be the key to your success.

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The room has a tray ceiling and she wanted to paint the sides of the tray ceiling the same color as the adjoining master bath. All the tips above helped me through the project so thanks to all who responded.

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Measure your ceiling dimensions and confirm wallpaper width. To make installation of wallpaper easier on a single person, try to lay out the wallpaper along the shorter width of the wall. Due to the weight of glued or moistened wallpaper, laying on the shorter side will reduce the weight that you will need to carry during installation.

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If you’re hanging wallpaper, careful planning will improve your chances for success. Before you hang the first strip, determine where you want the seams to be and figure out to to deal with uneven ceilings and walls.

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You can make it easier for yourself by choosing the rung on the ladder that leaves you with at least 10 cm distance between your head and the ceiling. This also relieves the pressure on your neck muscles. ... 7 How to wallpaper the ceiling. 8 How to wallpaper in corners. 9 How to apply wallpaper around windows and doors.

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How to Wallpaper a Ceiling. Three Parts: Preparing Your Ceiling and Wallpaper Mixing the Paste Hanging the Wallpaper Community Q&A. Hanging wallpaper is a an easy, popular way to decorate your home. Typically, wallpaper is applied to the walls, but hanging wallpaper on the ceiling is growing more and more popular.

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A demonstration of how to paper a ceiling.

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Use the paintbrush to paint the mixture you just made over the entire ceiling, starting at a corner. When you are finished, paint the ceiling again, starting at the same place where you began the last time. Step 4 Remove the Ceiling Wallpaper. Allow the mixture you just painted onto the ceiling to sit for 15 minutes.

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Wallpaper rolls come in widths of 20 1/2", so a line measured 20" from the edge of the ceiling allows overlap for trimming. Measure 20" from the molding at each end of the ceiling. Pound a nail at one 20" mark (Image 1), attach a chalk line, and run the chalk line the length of the ceiling (Image 2).

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How to hang wallpaper. The road to redecorating can be paved with many potholes. But if you have the right tools, your journey to a beautiful new home will be a whole lot smoother. ... Wallpaper Installation - How To Hang Wallpaper. Need an Installer? Wallpapers To Go Certified Installers ... Always hang the ceiling covering first if you plan ...

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Booking the wallpaper before adding it to the ceiling in this home improvement project. Gluing and Booking Pour the wallpaper glue into a paint tray or a paint pail.

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Slide the paper forward on the work surface and apply paste to the remaining 1/3 of the piece. Fold it back over in the same manner. This process where you glue each end of the wallpaper and then fold it back in toward the middle is known as “booking” the wallpaper. Once you book the wallpaper, allow about five minutes before using the piece.

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Have a large area to work in and don't crowd yourself. Cover every area of the back of the wallpaper with paste. Any area left dry, even a small space, will bubble and not adhere to the wall. Smooth paper surfaces gently. Don't put any pressure on the face of the wallpaper. Carefully clean off the surface of the wallpaper before the paste dries.

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Ceiling Wallpaper Learn how to Hang Wallpaper on a Ceiling and Keep it Square Including How to Paper Ceilings That are not Square Hanging wallpaper on a wall can be a tricky job let alone hanging it on a ceiling so in this DIY guide we run through the process of how to wallpaper a ceiling.

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Trim the excess paper at the ceiling: Push a 6-inch taping knife into the joint between the wall and ceiling. Using a razor, cut above the knife to trim off the excess. Work slowly.

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How To Wallpaper A Ceiling . November 13, 2013. A Guide To Wallpapering A Ceiling. ... You will never be obliged to accept any quotes, but you may just save yourself some time and money. Posted in DIY Projects Wallpapering Behind Radiators How To Put Up A Curtain Track ...

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This DIY video walks you through the process of installing 15 feet wet wallpaper border strip. Be it Kitchen Borders, Children Room Borders, you should be able to do it all yourself!

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Determine how much wallpaper you'll need to wallpaper a room. Measure the height of each wall from the floor to the ceiling and the length of each wall with a measuring tape. If the walls are square, you can add the lengths of the wall together, then multiply this number by the height of the walls to calculate the total area.