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Likewise, some consumers stress the importance of proper prep work, including pressure-washing and sanding, before applying a new wood stain. Reviewers who have had positive experiences with Behr Deck Plus Solid Color Waterproofing Wood Stain say it applies easily, adheres to the surface readily and dries quickly.

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Check out how to stain a deck from the professionals at Sherwin-Williams. Tips on planning, preparing and applying deck stains, plus easy steps on how to clean up. Whether you're staining a new deck or restoring an old one, Sherwin-Williams' line of SuperDeck deck stains, cleaning and maintenance ...

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A guide to the cleaners, finishes, and techniques for making your deck look new again. A guide to the cleaners, finishes, and techniques for making your deck look new again ... Deck Defense. A guide to the cleaners, finishes, and techniques for making your deck look new again ... such as Cabot's solid-color decking stain with Teflon. For do-it ...

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Hello! Looking for help in staining a combination new/old deck with new deck box planters. Details: 1) Existing cedar deck is 20 years old. Deck is 30 miles east of Seattle with western exposure. Lots of rain, snow and sun 2) ~1700 square feet 3) Deck was previously “stained” by prior owners with Sherwin Williams DeckScapes solid latex stain.

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But with the new deck, the new wood needs a little time to allow the chemicals or the moisture in the wood to evaporate a little bit, so that it will receive the stain or sealer in the best way possible.

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Apply a deck stain that is "thin" in viscosity. A heavily bodied wood stain will have a hard time penetrating into the new wood. Using a stain similar to The Sealer Store TimberOil will penetrate into the wood. Do not over apply a wood deck stain/sealer to a new deck.

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Dip paint pad into tray, apply solid coat of stain to entire surface of deck. Once surface is complete, apply stain to sides of deck with paint pad. TIP: If paint pad doesn’t cover inside spaces between boards, use a 1” paintbrush for proper coverage.

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What is the Best Deck Stains? Once we figure out the main reasons for failure, then we should research what stains would work well for your deck. This is the difficult part, so let us get started! We will ask a series of 5 questions.