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How to Remove Black Marks Left by Urine on Hardwood Floors

If dark stains are a frequent problem, consider adding another coat of finish to the floor. Filed Under: Cleaning Guides , Floors Tagged With: hardwood , urine , wood Was This Guide Helpful?

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The results are always bold, dramatic and rich. Pair dark floors with lighter paint or furniture and bright lights to avoid creating too dark of a space. For example, they can be visually grounding when paired with white walls and ceiling. Additionally, choosing light accents can help keep a room from feeling small. Some people feel that dark wood floors make rooms look smaller than they are.

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Use a commercial wood floor cleaner to strip away oil or wax finishes that have become discolored by ground-in grime. Dark stains in the wood may have to be sanded out using a professional floor sander.

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Thank you for the tips on how to clean my hardwood floor! I have always struggled finding the best way to keep my hardwood floors clean and shiny. I am so excited to try these and to share them with all my family and friends! Thanks for the information.

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I knew as soon as the group of us decided to make one of the challenges a cleaning challenge that it was high time for me to share my tips for cleaning and caring for dark wood floors.

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The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors Without Streaking. I love my hardwood floors. I used to hate cleaning them though. When we first got it, I was so excited to replace my high maintenance carpets for low maintenance flooring. Little did I know that these floors can be just as tricky when it comes to keeping them clean and streak-free.

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I LOVE the look of dark hardwood; however my little ones are very hard on it. I want to share with you how we keep our dark hardwood floors clean. I sweep the kitchen/ breakfast area and give the living room and hallways a good wipe down with a dust mop, daily.

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The best ways to clean dark hardwood floors and other household wood furniture involves a little bit of time, elbow grease and the ability to spot bacteria that a rich, deep color can disguise. That includes the cleaning solution you use for the job.

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Having too many coats of stain on a hardwood floor can make the wood look dark. When tastes change and you want to refinish the hardwood floor so the wood appears lighter, you must first remove the previous finish and old stain. ... How to Lighten a Hardwood Floor By Rachel Turner. SAVE; ... Vacuum the hardwood floor with the shop vacuum, and ...

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How to Clean Dark Wood Floors February 15, 2013 When we moved into our house, there was only one thing that I was disappointed in, and it was my wood floor in the entry way, kitchen, dining area and now we are putting it in the hallway.

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Keep wood floors clean, polished, and looking fresh. Explore. Explore. Trending Topics. 1 Joanna Gaines' 2018 Color ... If needed, end each treatment by staining the wood, then waxing and buffing the spot to match the rest of the floor. Dark spots and pet stains: Rub the spot with No. 000 steel wool and floor wax. If the area is still dark ...

How to Remove Black Marks Left by Urine on Hardwood Floors

Clean rag; Steps to Remove the Stain: Sand the protective finish off the darkened area. Use a fine grit sandpaper to reduce the risk of gouging the wood. It’s not advised to try to sand the dark spot away, as doing so will almost certainly leave a depression in the wood. Use the clean rag to wipe the area free of dust from sanding.