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If the length of the space is an issue consider using some large 16-20" sq. pavers to expand your patio space and 'plant' a tall trellis 'wall' in the ground perpendicular to the block wall to separate a utility area toward the back - BBq/patio toward the front and utilize some of the ideas above to plant in front of or hang 'art', on it.

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Walls; Outside Wall Covering Ideas; ... Cut the boards to the height of the wall, and seal them with an outdoor wood finish. Affix them to a prepared wall in a vertical manner, so rainwater can drain through properly. Methods for securing wood boards to a wall include adhesive and nails or screws. Screw heads can be countersunk and covered with ...

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Your outdoor space has many functions, whether it's a place to unwind and relax or hold a big gathering. These inspiring outdoor walls and fences will help you make your space a favorite hangout.

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Outdoor artwork can work wonders on an otherwise harsh garden wall. If the wall has a distinct texture, such as stacked stone, opt for artwork that will balance that out. If the wall is smooth, such as steel-troweled stucco or concrete, opt for artwork that adds texture.

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A different spin on the regular outdoor wall, landscape artist Jamie Durie constructed The Nest's wall using age-old weaving techniques and a mix of recycled timbers, metal and twigs.

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