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Plastic mould is The most important part of manufacturing plastic parts,injection mold is key factor to make good sharp of plastic molding,high precision injection molding depend on high precision plastic injection mold,we will make tight tolerance plastic molding by high precision plastic mould.

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Triple-c- is an injection molding or mold maker company with factory in shanghai , china ready to manufacturer custom made plastic parts

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Besides plastic injection mold making we deliver other services such as packaging making assembly, Chinese (pad) printing, spring etc So what to expect: We are a high quality manufacturer injection molded plastic parts in China. Triple-c Limited designs, engineers and injects custom made plastic parts and products.

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About us - Plastic Injection Mold Making Company in China We are a good reputation company in plastic injection mold manufacturing and injection molding industries in Shenzhen China, found in 2000. The molds we make are used for auto parts, household appliances, electronics, medicals etc.

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China plastic injection mold manufacturing company with best price, we are one of the best plastic injection molding china, China mould, plastic mold china,

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Production or Protoype plastic Injection Molded Parts within 20 Days in China! Custom mold making experience 15 years!--China Injection Molding

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Sositar Mould company, with over 20 years experience in mold making and injection molding, our factory based in Shenzhen China, specialize in custom plastic injection mold making & injection ...

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At Plastic Mold Co we have advanced CNC, EDM and other mold manufacturing equipment for making plastic molds.plastic mold,injection mold,plastic mould. we offer service for injection molding,plastic molding,plastic molding parts, plastic injection mold,if you need A Chinese mold copany, contact us to make plastic mold.

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The answer is China injection mold makers can manufacture high-quality molds as good as American and Europe companies with competitive lower price, this is why the plastic injection mold makers outside China lost their jobs to Chinese.

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