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The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System is the best rain screen clip and rainscreen system for exterior wood siding. Shield Components Rainscreen Gallery Rain Screen History Rain Screen Installation- Climate-Shield System

"Because installing horizontal wood siding over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing is the most common wood rain screen installation method, let's start there." The Climate-Shield rain screen siding system combines carefully manufactured clips and fasteners with precisely milled premium hardwood lumber , producing a stunning finished product ...

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as wood siding and windows. Adverse moisture conditions can induce checking, warping, paint failure, and in severe cases ... screen cladding/siding The Vanish Rain Screen System. The perfect complement to the natural ... Traditional horizontal rain screen siding has long been recommended for

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Mataverde Ipe Rain Screen Hardwood Siding is the most rugged and durable species available for rain screen wood siding installations. Pronounced E'-pay , Mataverde Ipe rain screen hardwood siding has the same strength and high density characteristics as Ipe decking and Ipe lumber.

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The Vanish Rain Screen System represents a significant leap forward in Rain Screen Design and application. Our unique Vanish Rains Screen Clips and Vanish Siding profile provide not only both horizontal and vertical ventilation but also eliminate the appearance of fasteners from the building aesthetic which represents a significant improvement over traditional “On Batten/Face Fastened ...

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“The horizontal furring strips are the problem if you don’t provide for (1) sufficient drainage for the rainscreen (this will be blocked by the horizontal strips), and (2) sufficient vertical airflow behind the siding (this also will be blocked by the horizontal furring strips,” Geary writes.

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Your Direct Source For Ipe Decking A Division of AdvantageLumber.com - Direct Importers of the Finest Ipe Decking. ... When you compare Ipe wood siding to other artificial siding options, you’ll quickly see why ipe is a superior choice. ... HOW TO INSTALL RAINSCREEN SIDING MATERIALS NEEDED: Advantage Rainscreen Siding ;

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The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Si ding System works extremely well with a variety of different wood siding species. The key requirements for a long lasting, beautiful and effective rain screen system are for the wood siding to be:

Rain-Screen Walls: a Better Way to Install Siding

Rain-Screen Walls: a Better Way to Install Siding ... or tar paper from the siding Rain-screen walls have an airspace between the siding and the building paper or house-wrap. (Installed behind a rain screen, plastic ... airspace between wood trim and siding and the housewrap or building paper using furring strips (Cedar Breather is a ...


While it is true that the Climate-Shield rainscreen clip can be used for your starter course of siding, the new CSSR8 Starter Rail works great for horizontal rainscreen wood siding installations. The CSSR8 Climate-Shield Starter Rail speeds up installation, especially in hard-to-get-at spaces behind bushes, shrubs and other obstacles.

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Rainscreen Siding is an all natural wood siding product that provides a more natural look when compared to vinyl or plastic siding options. On top of the great authentic look Advantage Rainscreen Siding offers it also is extremely durable as well as long-lasting.

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Driwall Rainscreen is a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. The entangled net product eliminates incidental moisture problems in most exterior veneer applications, including stucco, manufactured stone, and plank siding.

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A rainscreen and back priming the cedar will obviously do wonders to make the siding last. The question is how do you get water to drain since you have to use horizontal furring strips. I'd like to try and avoid running vertical strips first.

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Our patented siding system comes complete with everything needed to create a perfect wood rainscreen with a fastener-free appearance. That’s thanks to the Rainscreen Clip System, a proven, high-quality solution for constructing wood rainscreen walls. ... horizontal and vertical; The Rainscreen Clip System is designed for easy ...

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For more information visit my blog www.risinger.blogspot.com Wood siding has mainly gone the way of the dinosaur in favor of Cement based siding (think Hardi...