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KARRI presently commercialized does not come anymore from primary forests; it only comes from regrowth forests (Australia) as well as plantations (in particular South Africa). Note:

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This is a list of woods, in particular those most commonly used in the timber and lumber trade. Softwoods ... Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor) Blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) Flooded gum, rose gum ... (One of the largest private collection of wood samples) African Timber Export Statistics ...

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Eucalyptus diversicolor F.Muell. Karri trees in the Boranup Forest. ... The species is considered invasive in South Africa where it is a problem in the Western Cape region and is locally known a Karie. It commonly invades clearings, fynbos, water courses and road sides often out competing local species and is spread easily by seed dispersal ...

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Karri (Western Blue Gum) Karri Flooring — installed. Wood Flooring Species Scientific Name: Eucalyptus diversicolor. Other Names and Species: Western Blue Gum Origin: Western Australia and South Africa Appearance: The sapwood of karri is whitish while the heartwood is pale pink to a reddish brown in color. ... Glue holds somewhat well with ...

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Karri KARRIEucalyptus diversicolorFamily MyrtaceaeDistribution S. Western AustraliaPropertiesHigh bending and crushing strengths and stiffness. ... 1 of 14 wood warehouses in South Africa . Bundles of wood from all over the world . Our racking system makes selection easier . Cape Town Showroom.


I purchased approx 1200 SQ FT of South African karri and would like to install it in my house. I have run into a few issues with the wood though and need a few questions answered before I feel comfortable installing it.

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Numill Wood Timber : Meranti, Hardwood, Pine, Numill, Decking, Plywood, Interwill | veneers, hardwoods and softwood timber products | online.

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Density of various African Softwoods and Hardwoods (based on clear specimens at 12% moisture content) South African Softwoods: Species Botanical Name

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Home Wood & Finishing Wood Blanks Grab Boxes African Pen Blank Assortment. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter ... Sapele Karri Rhodesian Teak Zebrawood Iroko Bubinga Salinga Okoume Knob Thorn Jacaranda Kiaat Padauk Weeping Boer-Bean South African-Acacia-Blackwood. 32 Piece assortment ... turned 12,661 wood pens for military personnel during ...

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Karri is a hardwood timber native to Australia With its durability and distinctive red hues it is suited to a broad range of applications Most commonly used in construction, it is also valued by designers in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor furniture Karri timber also features in the design of indoor and outdoor joinery.

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Bell Forest is an Exotic Wood supplier with over ONE HUNDRED species of Exotic Wood for sale online! Choose from thousands of pieces of exotic wood. ... Exotic Wood Species African Blackwood African Mahogany Afrormosia Afzelia Burl Amazon Rosewood Amboyna Burl American Chestnut Angelim Pedra Anigre Aspen Bark Pocket Maple Basswood Birch ...

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These outdoor wood deck chairs, were made from either Karri Gum, light in colour (Eucalyptus Diversicolor) or Rose coloured, (Eucalyptus grandis.) ... This outdoor fold-up Deck Chair was created by an architect, specifically designed around local alien South African timber species. When Eucalyptus is carefully harvested and cured, one is ...

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Karri Gum Eucalyptus diversicolor (Karri) Eucalyptus diversicolor, commonly known as Karri, is native to the wetter regions of southwestern Western Australia. In South Africa, these trees have been planted for timber on a large scale in the area of the Cape Province. The Tree Karri is a slow growing, evergreen tree, and under good conditions can reach a height of up to […]

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This is a very dense tightly grained wood that is heavily laden with rich tropical oils and resins. Balau is a very hard wood and very durable, Balau is very similar in characteristics to Teak but at a lower cost compared to Teak

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wood slabs for sale knysna woodworkers south africa Beautiful yellowwood, pine and oak wood slabs are now for sale! (NOTE: If you had another wood species in mind, please contact me and let me know what you are looking for I am able to source most of the available indigenous wood in the area.)

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african blackwood logs, pink ivory logs, olivewood logs, exotic wood logs, The Exotic Woodchart--find your wood by photo or name Griffin Exotic Wood . . . the unique wood source!

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