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DIY Fence Posts With No Digging

Knowing how to put in fence posts with no digging is a great homesteading skill you may want to know in case you need to put up a fence in hard clay or rocky and tree root infested ground.

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Quote:Kathy, yes you can build run fencing without digging holes. They make fence supports that can be either pounded in the ground with a mallet or have a spike on the end that you just push in the ground with your foot. I got mine at Tractor Supply. However, they only hold a fence about 4-5 feet tall.

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fence without digging holes | DIY Fence Post With No Digging | eHow. A DIY Fence Post With No Digging | Hunker. fence without digging holes DIY Fence Post With No Digging (retaining wall idea) Farm Fence Diy ... Here's how to install new ones—and avoid the problems that made your old posts rot.

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You simply drive the post spike into the ground where you want to put your fence post and then insert the wooden post into the box. The idea is to provide a convenient and economical way to build a fence — no need to dig holes and pour concrete, and the post spikes only cost a few dollars each.

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Dig the hole putting the displaced earth onto the tarp. For depth, shoot for 25-30% of the above-ground length of post so 2 feet buried for a 7 foot post (5 feet exposed). Add 4 additional inches to this depth. So for a 7 foot post to be buried 2 feet, dig a 28 inch deep hole; Dig twice the diameter of the post. Pour 4 inches of gravel into the hole.

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A post anchor provides an easy way to install fence posts without leaving piles of dirt or requiring a lot of space. You finally gave in and brought home that puppy your kids have been talking about for months—but now that little ball of fur needs room to run… outside of the house.

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How to install a fence post without digging a hole. Category:Hobbies Release time: Views:130 You don't have to dig holes any more for your fence posts. A new design allows you to drive a spike into the ground, then attach the fence post to the top of the spike.

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Dig the hole. As a general rule, an 8 foot post needs to be placed so that two feet of it are in the ground. If you plan to anchor the post in soil, the hole diameter should be as close to the fence post size as possible. If you plan to anchor the post in gravel, dig a bit wider — roughly 8 inches (20cm) across for a standard 4x4 post.

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For panel fences, don't dig additional post holes until the first three posts and panels are installed. This allows you to make adjustments as needed for spacing posts and panels. For component fences, you may continue digging post holes as long as you're sure that the distance between the posts will be at or less than the length of the horizontal rails.

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It doesn't matter if it's a fence post, a letterbox post or even a basketball ring post, the principle is the same. Todays video we will look at how to install a fence post in concrete. The concrete used in the clip is Quick Set …

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Do it yourself fence post hole. Find this Pin and more on Exterior Projects by Roseburg. By far the most arduous part of building a wood fence is installing the upright wood fence posts. This leads to fences that do not stand straight and/or deteriorate quicker than they should. It is a ranch-style fence which will provide you much privacy.

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If you are hoping to erect a fence without putting all the extra effort of digging, there are a few ways to go about it for a durable finished project. Without the benefit of the ground to secure a post to hold up a fence, you need to find a different way to secure the fence to the ground.

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Expert Reviewed. How to Dig Post Holes. Three Parts: Preparing to Dig Digging the Post Holes Installing Your Posts Community Q&A Whether you are building a fence or putting up a flagpole or a bird house on a pole, you may find the need to dig a small diameter hole.

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Fence Post. Gravel. Extra dirt, the more clay content, the better. Discarded paint can lid or similar (See step 15 for its purpose) Procedure: Find a concrete surface and lightly tamp your digging iron against it. Memorize this ringing sound! Remove the turf and topsoil from the site of the post.