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How To Stop My Wooden Deck From Being Slippery During Winter?

My wooden deck gets very slippery in the winter with water or ice and I would like to know what I could do to make the deck safer. Preferably something that can be laid down during the winter and stored away for the summer.

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Treat Slippery Wet Tile Posted by Corbin on November 23, 2015 Slip Resistant Solutions has been treating slippery wet tile since 1981.

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How to make slippery concrete safer. MARK HETTS. Published 4:00 am PDT, Wednesday, October 7, 1998 DEAR Mr. HandyPerson: What can be done to a concrete patio that is slippery when wet? The cement ...

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The old wooden steps leading to my deck get really slippery when it rains, or in the winter, and I have to go up and down them many times a day. ... What to use on slippery wooden steps? Discussion in 'Homesteading ... On boats they use a big salt shaker or a cheese shaker to shake sand over the wet paint and then either leave it like that or ...

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Surface solution. A more sustainable and effective way dealing with a slippery floor is to surface coat the ceramic tile. Glaze Guard anti-slip floor coating is designed to give coefficient of friction (grip, or traction) levels that are safer in wet or dry conditions.

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Sealed concrete resists stains and scratches, which makes it durable and easy to keep clean. Sealed concrete can be slippery, especially when wet. We recommend the following product to help make sealed concrete floors more slip resistant.

How To Fix Slippery Steps. An Easy Solution For Safe Footing.

Remove any sanding residue with a wet cloth and allow the surface to dry completely. Apply a light coat of Safe Tread Clear to the horizontal step surface and the front edge of the step with our special textured 4” roller.

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This guide is about solution for slippery concrete. Especially when wet, smooth concrete can be very slick. You need to find a way to make walking on it safe.

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How To Fix Slippery Steps. by Acry-Tech Coatings | Nov 29, 2011 | Non-Slip Coatings | 0 comments. Slippery steps or stairs are very dangerous. Generally speaking, a slip and fall on a stairway can result in a painful and damaging tumble down the slippery steps. ... Remove any sanding residue with a wet cloth and allow the surface to dry ...

What to use on slippery wooden steps? | Welcome to the ...

Or you could scrub them really hard with a bleach solution and a wire brush if you don't have a pressure washer(ask around your neighbros or church too, make em a pie). When it is freezing out, or an ice storm, I lay an old towel on the steps and deck, it freezes on top of the ice and makes sure footing.

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Get tips on how to fix slippery concrete. Expert, Chris Sullivan, shares tips for making concrete surfaces slip resistant.

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You need to give it some roughness so it has traction when wet. The first thing that came to mind is you could buff/sand it to roughen the surface. Sand blaster maybe.